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Vince Staples Calls R. Kelly A Pee-Peeing Illiterate Child Molester In Interview

Vince Staples talks avoiding the police after hypothetically speeding in a Tesla, then segues into R. being exempt from the law….he is sure colorful with his words.  Two things are certain: Vince Staples will never not say what needs to be said, and R. Kelly is an accused serial predator who should’ve been exiled from the music industry long ago.

These ideas came to a head during Staples’ interview with Complex’s Nadeska Alexis at Coachella, when Staples took a somewhat easygoing conversation about driving really fast in a Tesla once his probation’s up, and brought Kelly into the mix. After Alexis said that we can’t have Staples end up in prison, he claimed that he’d be safe from going to jail, compared with what he said R. Kelly had gotten away with.  Check the video:


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