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LeBron James Caps Off Year By Playing Full Season For First Time In His Career

 LeBron James broke a personal record by starting all 82 games of the season for the first time in his 15 year career, ESPN reports.

This beats his previous high of 81 games which was recorded in 2009-10 during James’ first stint with the Cavs and long before his now-iconic championship performances. James’ new accomplishment adds to the successful regular season the 33-year-old had. After early struggles resulted in Cleveland unloading their roster as the trade deadline closed, James willed the Cavs to a fourth seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs while securing his tenth consecutive division title and leading the team in rebounds, assists, points, steals, and blocks.

“He wants to play. I mean it’s hard to play 82 games. I was in the league 11 years. Never had a chance to play 82… Everything has to go right,” the Cavs’ coach, Tyron Lue, said to the Associated Press.

Through this impressive stat, a clear argument of “voter fatigue” can be made when it comes to choosing the NBA MVP. Despite topping the award’s front-runner, James Harden, in every statistical category in addition to leading the league in points and minutes played, as a four-time recipient, it is doubtful James will win this year’s MVP. Which raises the question: are fans taking arguably the best all-around player the NBA has seen for granted?


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