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The McClure Twins Learning About Cerebral Palsy Is Their Best Episode Yet

Since touching the hearts of millions on social media in 2016, Alexis and Ava McClure have taken their fans on of education with their Facebook show, Discovery Twins. On their latest episode (Apr. 13), the four-year-olds learned about special needs, specifically cerebral palsy.

Helmed by their amazing parents Justin and Ami, the children learn about the congenital disorder by meeting Chaz (“Chazzy”) and his mother Amy Bethea. As the founder of The Polka Dot Project, Bethea helps teach children to have love, compassion and most of all, understanding when it comes to children with special needs. “Some people can’t see or walk and then they’ll learn, ‘Oh my goodness, they may look funny or may not be able to walk, but you know what, can I be nice to them, can I help them?’” she explained.

Justin mentions how he hopes the children will learn about special needs in a raw and natural matter, as they ask questions about how Chaz eats and his physical appearance. “Once you answer the question, you move on the activity,” he explains with the girls learning about Chaz’s feeding pump and suction machine. Ami also helps the girls understand why his mouth is open when they meet.

In the past, the children have learned about topics like ice cream and the importance in giving back, but education surrounding special needs goes undone in public education. This makes this episode that much special. With no filter, the children ask uncomfortable questions and in turn, learn lessons in compassion and much more.

Fans have also shared how the episode touched them by sharing stories about their loved ones with cerebral palsy. The disorder effects roughly 1 in 323 children, CDC’sAutism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network notes. African-Americans are also more likely to be diagnosed with CP due to the combination of being born underweight.

Credits:, Discovery Twins

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