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Meek Mill Talks US Justice System in NBC News Interview: ‘Something Is Not Working’

Now that Meek Mill is out of prison, he is ready to speak out against the U.S. justice system. For his first televised interview since his prison release, Meek sat down with NBC News’ Lester Holt to discuss how he believes the justice system has failed him and countless other men still behind bars.

“I think we always been divided in America where it’s always black and white. I don’t really call it black and white. A lot of black people are in prison, a lot of Spanish men are in prison,” he said. “A lot of these laws and policies are made to keep most of these minorities trapped forever.”

He added, “I had eight years of probation that turned to 16 years of probation. Something is not working. I’m still doing time for that case.”

Meek was sentenced to prison last November for violating his probation, stemming from a decade-old drug and gun charge. He spent five months in prison and was released on April 24 after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered that he receive bail.

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