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How To Combat Depression – Lisa Brown Alexander

Lisa Brown Alexander is the CEO of Nonprofit HR, the nation’s leading full-service human resources firm focused exclusively on the nonprofit sector. But despite her success, she was keeping something secret from her family, friends and colleagues.

“I am a successful career woman who has battled with depression for five years.”

Alexander’s book Strong On the Outside, Dying On the Inside hopes to help other women realize they are not alone.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), research reflects that only 12% of depressed African-American women seek help and treatment.

Many African-American women do not get treatment because of a widespread belief that depression is evidence of personal weakness and not a legitimate health problem,” Alexander says..

Depression is characterized by changes in mood, self-attitude, cognitive functioning, sleep, appetite and energy level.

Strong On the Outside, Dying On the Inside is a moving and personal written account of Lisa’s anguish and strong determination to heal holistically, identify emotional triggers, seek treatment, while being authentic to one’s self.

“As entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, daughters and friends, sometimes it’s our very success, however, that causes us to bury our pain deep under our education, our titles and professional credentials, our expensive make-up, designer clothes and late-model luxury cars. We cannot and will not let anyone – even our closest loved ones, see us sweat, or cry, or be lost. I want to change that and speak out openly about my challenges and restoration as a business leader.”

Lisa Brown Alexander’s Tips to finding freedom from depression:

  • Be real with yourself about your emotional pain and mental health. Be strong enough to unveil your mask.Silence and prayer is not enough. If symptoms of depression persist or worsen, seek professional help.Understand that it’s okay to ask for help. Seeking help does not represent weakness but strength.
  • Understand that depression is treatable. Stay in recovery by being honest with yourself and maintaining healthy relationships.

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