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Critics Accuse Kendrick Lamar Of Setting Up Fan To Rap N-Word On Stage

On Sunday (May 20), the award-winning artist invited a woman by the name of Delaney on stage to sing his 2012 banger, “m.A.A.d city” in Alabama.

The fan decided not to censor herself before jumping into the song’s intro. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, no, no, wait,” said Lamar mid-rap. “You have to bleep one single word.” After he reminded her not to say the n-word, she apologized and attempted to rap the song again.

After catching heat online for her actions, Delaney deleted her Twitter account. Others have come to her defense, claiming Lamar should’ve told her not to say the n-word because personal accountability doesn’t exist in 2018. One fan even went as far as suggesting that Kendrick should’ve also told her to say “ninja” instead of “n****.”

“This is an obvious attempt by Kendrick Lamar and most likely his record label, to stir the pot,’ another fan wrote. “How much more hatred has been generated by this little stunt?” (For one, Lamar doesn’t need to do much for a publicity stunt.

During the on-stage exchange, Delaney questioned the rapper by saying, “I’m used to singing it like you wrote it.” While it was a quick comment, it places blame on the rapper instead of the fan, who clearly knew she had the opportunity to censor herself while reciting the song.

At the 2017 Governor’s Ball Music Festival, white fans chanted the n-word during Schoolboy Q’s performance of “That Part.” Many looked towards each other for permission instead of taking accountability. It’s a cycle as old as the debate. It’s not certain what will come of this situation, but it’s clear non-black hip-hop fans will always feel justified in saying the n-word.


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