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Torrei Hart, Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife, Says She’s Wants To Explore “Hoe” Phase

Torrei Hart is using her platform as a comedian to share her inner thoughts, mainly when it concerns dating. During her set at the HaHa Comedy Club earlier this week, the mother-of-two shared her plight with dating since divorcing fellow comedian Kevin Hart.

The Philadelphia native said since she wed at such a young age, she wasn’t able to do certain things, like indulging in a “h**” phase, that she now has the chance to do at age 40. “The dating scene is so different,” she began. “Getting married at 23, I ain’t go to college. I didn’t get a chance to be a h** and do all that sh*t. So you know trying to date at 40 and do h** sh*t, it just don’t work. You can’t do the same h** sh*t. These bi**es out here, they’re h**ing to another level. I’m trying to h** with this old pu**y. They’re like, ‘We don’t want that sh*t!’”

Previously, Torrei shared that she’s had a few subpar dates with men who try to force her to laugh. “Some men I went on a date with, I could tell they’re trying to be funny,” she said. “And if that’s not who you are, be who you are because that’s a problem.” With both her and Hart’s schedules within their respective careers, she shared with CocoaFab that their co-parenting skills relies heavily on communication and understanding.

“We have to stay in one accord and communicate,” she said. “I’m just a stickler for that and it’s good he’s the same way. It works for us. We both realize it’s about the children and so we make it work.” On Saturday (June 23), Torrei Hart will perform another set at the Comedy Block Party just in time for the BET Awards weekend lineup of events.


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