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Nicki Minaj Goes Goth in Spooky ‘Hard White’

Nicki Minaj is a dark empress in the new video for her icy Queen track “Hard White.” The Mike Ho-directed clip, which was released on Thursday night (Jan. 31), opens with a regal Minaj strutting down a neon walkway in the dark wearing a shimmering silver cape before jumping to a dark image of her in a flowing, goth-y black dress with a spiky crown on her head.

“Work hard just to get half back/ (Used to) work hard just to get half back/ (Now I’m) gettin’ to it that way/ Straight up, straight up,” Minaj raps over the grinding !Illmind beat. A bit early for Halloween, the American Horror Story-style visual is filled with spooky imagery, from dead crows with bleeding beaks to rows of spent shell casings and groups of ashen-faced zombies. Through it all, Minaj sits on a throne in her silver Gaultier metal bodysuit and espouses the value of grinding while the undead writhe around her.

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