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About Us

Expanding your entertainment horizons

This roster of talented DJs live and love music.
Residing coast to coast in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and the Caribbean you won’t find any juke box DJs here. From Hip Hop to EDM, RnB, Neo Soul and Reggae Break Beatz Entertainment DJs bring different musical styles to its listening audiences around the world. Live mixing to chopping up some vinyl we bring it all.

With so much going on daily in the field of entertainment, we keep our ears to the streets and the social media platforms to keep up with what’s poppin with your favorite celebrities, news, who dropped what and when, Movies, Vids, we’re here to bring it to you. “Wakanda Forever”!

Supporting the community is something BBE has been doing for years. Our philanthropic support of various charities over the years continues with organizations such as: the National Fibromyalsia and Chronic Pain Assoc., American Diabetes Assoc., American Cancer Society, and the National Domestic Violence Awareness to name a few. Being aware of what’s happening in the communities we live in is important in order to know how to respond.

®Break Beatz Entertainment

Owners & Management

DJ Rebellious1 –

DJ India –

Ms. Lex –

DJ “Cinfull” – Beatz Chief and Reggae Team Mgr.

We Are B.B.E.

DJ Vixen – AZ,      DJ Cinfull – CA,  DJ Panda Tron – MT,   DJ Kamaria – Canada,

DJ Raidous – NC,   DJ Nom – VA,     DJ Exo, MD,     DJ Queen of The South – GA

DJ Edo – Italy,   DJ Devin – UK,   IDJ GROCK – Jamaica/UK,  DJ Dymond – GA

DJ AndreDVere – Barbados, DJ Fiftyabsolute – Jamaica,   

  Lex Ryada – CT,  DJ Rebellious1 – MA,   DJ India – VA,

B.B.E Support Staff

Ms. Tasty Temptation, Ms. Phoenix Ladybug

Ms. Thickerthanasnicka, Ms. Lovin

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